Managed IT Services


Our Managed IT offers ongoing IT support contracts on a pay monthly basis.

If you're an office with devices, servers, switches, etc, or maybe a floating office with remote/office staff - we can support you, your IT infractruture and your staff, invoiced monthly.

It also covers Office365 admin / Google Workspace admin if that's the platform you use.


If you choose to purchase your Office365 / Google Workspace licenses though us, you get the administration included, alongside any domain or DNS issues.


If you purchase our Secure Package comprising of:

O365/G Workspace licenses

Secure Email suite: anti-virus, malware, antiphishing detection bundle with  email and data backup  - then you get the administration of that included.

Your Sharepoint/GDrive/Onedrive data backup can be included as those platforms don't offer any data restoration on the commonly used licences


Anything you'd rely on your IT Manager to do, we're ready to.